An established, ever-evolving business

The Altopack Group has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing automatic packaging machinery since 1999, building its growth on innovation and high technology.

The expertise acquired in the field of food packaging has positioned us as leaders in the industry, allowing us to effectively transfer our well-established knowledge to various other industrial sectors.

Our primary goal is to provide customers with a product which is both technologically advanced and safe, incorporating and promoting the most recent innovations available in the market to ensure a comprehensive and gratifying experience all round.

We have always firmly believed that expertly executed packaging elevates a product’s quality to perfection; we are committed to ongoing process enhancement and the development of new processes to maintain a close connection with customers in all aspects.



Whatever your product, at Altopack you will find the right kind and size of packaging with guaranteed reliability and stylish design. The underlying concept of our packaging systems is that every single pack is important, which is why we offer our customers, in Italy and around the world, innovative bespoke solutions.


Thanks to the soft skills of the staff at Altopack, our boxing and tray-packing machines include a wide range of different, scalable solutions for packaging and more.

Our company aims to offer the entire industry an overview of what we believe will be the horizons of innovation in the coming years, within a future driven by exponential technologies such as robotics and the Internet of machines.

By offering a combination of strengths such as automation, productivity, flexibility, and energy saving, we create added value for our customers.