Products Breadcrumbs, cereals, chocolates, coffee beans, coffee powder, cookies, couscous, dried fruit, flour, frozen products, granular products, legumes, long goods pasta, pet food, rice, short goods pasta, snacks, sugar, sweets, etc.
Bags Pillow bag, easy-open pillow bag, pillow bag with gusseting, fin-top square-bottom bag, double-square-bottom bag
Types of pallet box Pallet, ½ pallet
Speed Up to 160 bags/min
Voltage 400 V
Power 15 kW
Air consumption 200 Nl/min

Modello ACB160

The pallet box filling system mod. ACB 160 is an automatic machine used to fill pallet boxes with pillow bags, fin-top square-bottom bags or double-square-bottom bags containing various possible types of granular products. The main characteristic of this machine is the creation of a mosaic of bags which form a layer before it is placed inside the pallet box. This technology is used to optimize the available space inside the box.

Machine Design + Ergonomics

  • Right and left versions available

    Easily accessible for the operator in case of adjustments and/or maintenance operations

    Structure in painted steel

    Siemens Technology

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