Products Cookies, chocolates, flour, rice, snacks, legumes, cereales, frozen products, dried fruit, short-cut pasta, pet food, non food
Speed 120 bags/min (depending on the weighing system combined)
Power 12,5kW
Air consumption 250 Nl/min with 6 bar
Film roll width F=530 mm
Max. 1450 mm

Model AVC1450

Intermitted motion machine used to form, fill and seal bundles with or without handle. The machine can receive up to 120 bags/min. and can reach an operation speed of 10 bundles/min.

Easily adaptable to the type of ingoing packages, with a wide range of possibly usable film rolls in terms of width.

Machine Design + Ergonomia

  • Controlled by PLC and industrial PC
  • Brushless motors
  • Parts in contact with product made of stainless steel
  • Film millimetric centering device
  • Print centering device
  • Impulse longitudinal sealing
  • Impulse cross sealing
  • Remote assistance

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