Products Breadcrumbs, cereals, chocolates, coffee beans, coffee powder, cookies, couscous, dried fruit, flour, frozen products, granular products, legumes, long goods pasta, pet food, rice, short goods pasta, snacks, sugar, sweets, etc.
Speed Up to 120 bags/min (depending on the product)
Capacity From 100 g to 1500 g (10 g – 300 g with snacks)
Tension 400 V
Power 12,5 kW
Air consumption 200 Ni/min
Film roll diameter 350 mm
Film roll width F=530 mm
Film roll shaft diameter 70-76 mm

Model AVE

The packaging machine mod. AVE EASY-OPEN is an innovative machine for the production of pillow bags with the “open & close” device. This model is extremely versatile and compact and can be combined with different feeding systems: multi-head weigher; volumetric dosing system; auger type volumetric dosing unit, etc.

The packaging machine can be provided with all the latest-generation devices, such as: hot air-blow or sealing-tape vertical sealing; horizontal sealing with linear movement and hot sealing jaws etc.

Machine Design + Ergonomics

  • Right or left version available
  • Easily accessible for the operator in case of adjustments and/or maintenance operations
  • Film millimetric centering devices
  • Integration to various weighing systems to adapt to the different types of products
  • Siemens Technology


High-tech machines, their sophisticated design makes them usable in weighing and packaging of any type of product. Fast and precise, they allow maximum efficiency if combined with our machines.

The volumetric dispenser is perfect for dosing granular products.  This model is combined with the vertical packaging machine AVE and packaging machines  PQ60, PQ80, PQ120. The device consists of six dosing cups with  volume adjustment and can be combined with a fedback system with weight control. High dosing performance: brushless motor auger for great dosing accuracy.

. Easily accessible in case of mantainance and cleaning interventions.

. Speed: up to 130 dosed per minute

. Electrical voltage 400

. Installed power 2 kw

The volumetric auger type dispenser is perfect for dosing products such as flour, starch, breadcrumbs, cake preparations. This model is combined with the vertical packaging machine AVE, the packaging machine AVC catering and the packaging machines PQ60, PQ80, PQ120.

The device consists of a auger to keep the product flow constant; the hopper is made of stainless steel with internal stirrer with motorized electronic management.

. High performance and dosing accuracy: brushless motorized auger for great dosing accuracy. Easy accessibility during maintenance and cleaning interventions.

. Speed up to 40 dosages per minute.

. Tolerance 1%.

. Electrical voltage 400 v. 

. Installed power 2 kw.

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