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A time-honed technique.

The Gamma Pack line of horizontal and vertical machines for box forming, filling, and sealing represents an area in which the Group has established a high level of expertise, backed by numerous patents and an admirable reputation as a key name in the food packaging sector. Our form-fill-seal machines have consistently delivered exceptional results in the packaging of long pasta, constituting the pinnacle of innovation in this particular segment.

APL Veloce

Box carton packaging machine



Our box form-fill-seal machines guarantee flawless packaging precision with both vertical and horizontal filling directions. Each pack is carefully created to maintain the freshness and integrity of the product.

Production flexibility

Our packaging solutions stand out for the pack changeover speed and automation. With this feature, you can effortlessly accommodate different packaging needs, ensuring a high degree of production flexibility.

Continuous innovation

Innovation is in our DNA. Our box form-fill-seal machines are the culmination of continuous research and development efforts aimed at providing advanced solutions for packaging both food and non-food products.
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