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Fast, compact, and safe.

Come and discover our exceptional range of bundling machines, designed to address the most intricate requirements and challenges of your industry. With a track record for excellence in the packaging industry, Altopack bundlers offer advanced solutions that seamlessly blend efficiency, precision, and versatility. Improve production and optimise the packaging of your products with bundles formed at high speed.


Automatic Horizontal Shrinkwrapper


Automatic Horizontal Shrinkwrapper


High speed

Altopack bundlers are synonymous with superior performance. Thanks to their advanced technology, these machines can operate at astonishing speeds, guaranteeing swift, dependable packaging to meet the challenges of the most advanced secondary packaging lines.


We take care of your team. Altopack bundlers are designed with a specific emphasis on ergonomics. Easy to use and set up, these machines minimise staff fatigue, enhancing productivity and creating a more comfortable working environment.

Compact design

Maximise space with Altopack bundlers. Despite their impressive performance, these machines are incredibly compact, making them perfect for production environments with limited space. Created to make the most of your production space.
Are you looking for a solution for a complete packaging system? We can handle your entire project.

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