From Italy to Africa: the new “via della pasta”is developing thanks to Altopack

Altopack, the Italian leader in pasta packaging technologies, is making substantial investments in exporting its solutions to African regions. Altopack will exhibit at Propack East Africa, from March 12 to 14, 2024. 

Born in Italy, consumed worldwide

The world has increasingly greater desire for pasta. In the last 10 years, worldwide consumption has almost doubled, passing from 9 a 17 million tons.  Pasta was born in Italy, the country with the major è per capita consumption, about 23 kilos per year*, but it’s also the birthplace and breeding ground for the development of packaging technologies. Example of company like Altopack, founded and based in Altopascio (LU), that today is leader in developing pasta packaging systems. This Italian company boasts a diverse portfolio that can cater to various production needs, ranging from large multinational productions to smaller contractor lots.

Interest in African Market

Altopack is particularly focused on emerging markets, such as African countries where it already has a consolidated presence. In fact, the country is a basin of enormous importance for pasta sector. The value on the market is about 11 billion dollars and it should growth with a rate of 11,67%*. Over the past two decades, Altopack has installed more than 50 production lines in this region, becoming a reference company for everyone is looking to initiate or expand pasta packaging or production activities.

Cutting-edge, but for everyone Altopack’s technology is cutting-edge yet accessible to all.Thanks to relationships with SACE, ICE and different ‘Camere di Commercio’  the company can supply and install machines everywhere in Africa, supporting customers technically and financially. This was evident in Angola, where Altopack supplied packaging machines for two distinct production lines for a significant local brand: one dedicated to packaging short-cut pasta and the other designed for handling long pasta.

Angola project

The first one is a line multi-shape made up of two vertical machines for packaging: Altopack AVE-PC Linear Motion. The second one, multi-shape too, is made up of three multi head weighers Altopack AP 120 and three horizontal flowpack Altopack AOD PL. Short cut pasta packaging machines and also those for long cut pasta can achieve, depending on the shapes, to a speed up to 120 bags/min. Very significant is the quantity data of pasta processed by the plant: thanking to integration of Altopack machines, the two lines can achieve to pack up to 4000 kg pasta/ hour.

A presence in the area

To provide continuous customer assistance, Altopack has many local agents. Furthermore, the commitment of Altopack comes to fruition through participation in major packaging exhibitions: at the end of March 2024 the company will be in Tripoli, Libia, as guest of ‘Camera di Commercio libica’ for the exhibitionof Italian Industry Agents. Altopack will also exhibit at Propack East Africa, Nairobi, Kenya. This fair is one of the main events dedicated to packaging industry of the East Africa region. Kenya is the main economy of the eastern side and it is establishing itself as the fourth largest economy after Nigeria, Sud Africa, Angola, representing a market of enormous interest for pasta consumption.