Gamma Pack

GAMMAPACK srl is the unit of the group dedicated to cartoning machines.

Founded in 1989 by Lorio Cavina and Natalino Gallina, it is a company from Emilia Romagna that passed under the total control of Altopack in 2019.

GAMMAPACK is specialized in production and design of horizontal and vertical automatic case packers for a wide range of products, and its long experience and reliability is proved by the realization of about 600 machines.

GAMMAPACK’s case packing machines are designes to treat rice and short-cut pasta, spaghetti and breadsticks, seed and feed, but also flour, sugar, coffe and other granular products in pods and capsules.

Horizontal machines start from 60 cpm and can get to a speed of 120 cpm in the top of the range machine. Even the vertical ones start at 60 cpm but, depending on the weighing system adopted, they can reach up to 180 cpm.

Moreover, thanks to the strong synergies developed overtime between the two companies, GAMMAPACK’s case packers can be perfectly integrated with Altopack’s products and lines.