We are proud to announce that the new solutions launched by Altopack to pack spaghetti and other long goods shapes have been selected among the finalists of the Best Packaging Award 2020.

To receive this prestigious Packaging Oscar nomination is the unprecedented double square bottom bag obtained thanks to an innovative device which can be installed on AOD series machines, allowing manufacturers to obtain significant benefits such as:

  • Total removal of product waste
  • Reduction of production costs
  • Energy saving
  • Differentiation from competitors (innovative packaging)
  • Enhancement of visual merchandising

Both the packaging and the technology used to make it are protected by internationally-exclusive industrial property rights.

Italy restarts also from here and we are in the running for the final victory!

watch the video   “only for spaghetti lovers

About: The Packaging Oscar is a prize that has been awarded since 1957 to the best packaging designed in Italy. It is promoted by the Italian Packaging Institute in collaboration with the School of Design of the Milan Polytechnic and starting from this year an important innovation has been added: the opening to the world of industrial machines with the support of Ipack-Ima. The 2020 edition of Best Packaging has QUALITY DESIGN as its theme and the Jury is called to evaluate the innovative, eco-sustainability and functionality of the candidate solutions. The event is sponsored by Altroconsumo, Conai and Brera Design District.