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The production of secondary packaging machines is one of the fields within the packaging automation industry with the largest number of players. That is why it is more important than ever to choose the right partner from among the plethora of businesses offering solutions that are often low-cost but also low-quality. We have always put technology first, setting quality standards that guarantee not only high-quality packaging, but also sturdy, durable machines. This is also true in the secondary packaging field, within which we offer a wide range of advanced, cost-effective types of packaging.

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Secondary packaging

As secondary packaging (also known as case packing) holds primary packaging, it is an area that concerns almost all the sub-categories of packaging. Virtually all primary packaging – be it cardboard boxes, pouches, flow-packs, capsules, bottles, bundles, or many others – can be packed inside carton boxes (secondary packaging). This means that secondary packaging machines can have applications in a multitude of industries, ranging from pharmaceuticals to food, beverages, cosmetics, chemicals, and many more.

The challenges

The technological challenges we have faced over the years have consolidated our know-how in robotics and secondary packaging and now we are a go-to name for the industry. We lead the ranks in global production of machines and systems for case packaging, an area in which all the technology in our line-up of pasta packaging machines is clearly appreciable. Whether it is folding boxes and cartons or wrap-around cases you need, our solutions combine flexibility, ease of operation, performance, and strength.

Think green

Altopack’s focus is on ensuring the packaging provides the best protection possible for products during transit without adverse impacts on the environment. That’s why we have always concentrated our efforts on designing machines that consume less energy, use less plastic film, and are also compatible with biodegradable films. When a machine meets these requirements, it is awarded the ECO-Friendly mark, which Altopack has obtained and uses to distinguish our most environmentally sustainable range. The benefits of this kind offered by the AOD ULTRA packaging machine emerge clearly from a comparison with any conventional standard machine found on the market.

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