Altopack launches the PQ100, a continuous motion packaging machine whose main strengths are flexibility and performance.

Designed with efficiency in mind

For more than 20 years, Altopack  has been a world leader in pasta packaging and an important player in the consumer goods industry. The company has distilled its know-how in the design of the PQ100, creating a highly innovative machine that combines efficiency, versatility and performance. The PQ100 is designed to optimize the packaging process and maximize the productivity of the entire line. With advanced mechanical technologies and optimized software controls, this machine enables a significant increase in productivity while minimizing downtime and waste. In fact, compared to units already on the market, it allows film savings of up to 20%, with a calculated reduction of 10 to 20% in energy consumption. The horizontal system also allows a large quantity of products to be packed quickly, reducing production time. Additionally, the PQ100 is extremely compact and is easily integrated into existing production lines, minimizing the footprint.

One machine for a wide range of products

Every product is unique and requires a specific packaging solution. That is why the PQ100 was designed with versatility in mind and is capable of packaging products of different sizes and weights equally effectively. This makes it suitable not only for food, but also for pharmaceutical or industrial applications. In fact, the PQ100 enables the packaging of frozen food, short pasta, snacks, pet food, confectionery products and much more. The machine’s versatility is further evidenced by the number of packaging that can be produced, including pillow bags (with gusseting, side sealing, round bottom), stabilo bags (with clips, four sealings…) and double square bottom containers.

Reliability, speed and accuracy

The machine is fully electronically controlled, ensuring high operational efficiency. All parts that come into contact with the product are made of stainless steel, so as to ensure maximum hygiene and safety, meeting the strict standards required of machinery that comes into contact with foodstuffs. The process is designed to ensure maximum hygiene, with a sterile plastic film protecting the product from external contaminants. The PQ100 is also equipped with film centering devices that have deviations of just a few millimeters to ensure accurate and uniform packaging. The machine features a continuous motion technology, which reduces energy waste while ensuring absolute top performance: In fact, the PQ100 is capable of achieving a packaging speed of up to 120 packs per minute.

Configurable as needed

The PQ100 can be combined with different feeding devices depending on the product that needs to be processed. It also has a number of dedicated accessories that can maximize its performance, including a multi-head weigher and a volumetric dosing unit, the latter of which is perfect for dosing products such as flour, starch and breadcrumbs. Regardless of the requirements, the PQ100 is the ideal choice for any packaging need, also thanks to the ease with which it can be integrated with units downstream and upstream of the line. Finally, the machine’s layout allows it to easily fit within different production scenarios.