Products Short-cut pasta, fragile products, chocolates, sweets, bakery products, snacks, dried fruit
Speed 60 bags/min
Capacity 500g
Power 255kW
Air consumption 110 Nl/min
Film roll diameter 400 mm
Film roll width F= 600 mm
Film roll shaft diameter 70 - 76 mm

Model PQ60

  • Innovative, vertical packaging machine combined with a single overhead contact line, designed to form, fill and thermally close tubular packaging obtained from reel-wrapped film.         
  • Particularly suitable in combination with the multi-head weigher to handle fragile products as bakery products, pasta nests etc…
  • Versatile, modern, can be equipped with all new generation devices.

Machine Design + Ergonomics

  • PLC control and industrial PC
  • Brushless motors
  • Fully electronically controlled
  • Parts in contact with the product made of Stainless steel
  • Print centering or uninterrupted printing device
  • Continuous film motion and pulling
  • Automatic film splicing device
  • Remote assistance

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