ROLA’ 400

ROLA’ 400
Automatic Wrap Around Casepacker

The casepacker mod. Rola’ 400 is an innovative machine design to form wrap-around cases, which can contain various different types of bags. This machine can handle different types of cases, such as completely closed wrap-around cases, display wrap-around cases and completely open. The machine is extremely compact and has one entry to receive the bags coming from a packaging machine. The cases are closed with hot-melt glue.

  • Speed: up to 30 cases/min
  • Compact Design
  • Siemens Control system
  • Side loading system
  • Easily accessible in all of its internal parts
  • Weight: 3500 kg
  • Power: 11 Kva
  • IP55 safety guards
  • European Safety Standard
  • Type of case: Wrap around
  • Pneumatic system requirements 300
  • Nl/min (with 6 bar)
  • Case Closing: hot melt glue
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