ROLA' 400

Prodotti Biscuits, Coffee beans, Coffee powder, Sweets, Cereals, Chocolates, Cous cous, Flour, Dried fruit, Legumes, Breadcrumbs, Short-cut pasta, Pet food, Granular products, Rice, Snacks, Frozen products, Sugar
Speed up to 200 bags/min infeed
max. 30 cases/minute
Case dimensions Length: from 200 mm to 400 mm
Width: from 92 mm to 400 mm
Height: from 120 mm to 300 mm
Air consumption 300 Nl/min with 6 bar
Completely closed wrap-around case
Closed wrap-around case
Display wrap-around
Display wrap-around case
Display wrap-around case with upper flaps
Display wrap-around case with upper flaps

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