Altopack has a strong tradition of technology and innovation. Founded in 1999 in Altopascio, near Lucca, in just over twenty years the company has become an authority in the food industry, earning itself a leading position in the primary packaging market.

In 2018, Altopack opened an office in Borgo Panigale (Bologna), in the heart of Italy’s “Packaging Valley”; in 2019, it went on to acquire Gamma Pack, an established brand based in the Romagna region, thereby extending its range of offerings to include secondary packaging.

In 2021, the group’s expansion continued with the launch of Cyborg Line, a unit dedicated to developing interconnected humanoid co-bots and a project offering a vast range of applications within the packaging industry.

Today, with over 40 international patents, around forty associate workers, more than 2400 machines installed worldwide, and 150 customers located in over 50 countries, the Altopack group is now an established name and a leader in technological innovation.

oltre 20 anni di soluzioni di imballaggio


Drawing upon his deep understanding of the market and the realisation that packaging systems can often present daily challenges that slow down production and adversely impact the end consumer's experience, Giuseppe Vezzani established Altopack in November 1999.


In May 2000, the first Altopack machine was sold, which was an AOD model for packaging long pasta. Also that year, Altopack obtained its first patent, which was granted for its APE metering machine.


In 2003, Altopack created and patented its first double square-bottom pack.


In 2004, Altopack was converted into a public limited company.


In 2005, the company patented its novel seal trimming device.


In 2010, it launched the first version of its ultrasonic sealing device, which allowed manufacturers to reduce packaging film costs and waste while also offering ultra-reliable protection for products and a lower environmental impact. Hence the Eco-friendly line was born.


In 2013, 3D printers were introduced for the production of mechanical parts.


In 2016, the PQ80 packaging machine - an engineering gem - was created. The machine is the epitome of the company's design philosophy, which strives for compactness combined with exceptionally high performance.


In the summer of 2018, the group chose Bologna, the heart of Italy's "Packaging Valley", as the ideal location for a new Altopack facility intended specifically for researching and developing new packaging solutions.


In September 2019, Gamma Pack was acquired, bringing with it 30 years of experience in the production of box form-fill-seal machines.

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Even the best packaging machines in the world need regularly servicing and upgrades to keep on delivering the best performance possible.

Machine maintenance is performed by qualified expert service engineers, which not only means optimal production quantity and quality is maintained, but also – and above all – that we can prevent failures occurring which would, inevitably, slow down the entire line drastically.

Our machines use advanced parts and components and only original Altopack components can ensure high performance over time and lasting durability. We want your packaging machines to receive the best possible care, which is why we advise you to arrange a preventive maintenance plan with our team. Altopack guarantees attentive, prompt after-sales service whenever you need it, because we have always taken care of everyone who joins our extended family.


We register on average over five new patents every year, which makes our machines and units unique the world over, from the loading systems to our solutions for secondary packaging. Our patents are the outcome of constant research and are aimed at providing our customers with machines featuring top-tier production levels.