Loader for long-cut pasta

Designed to receive long cut pasta coming from a stripping unit, dose it and discharge the product inside the elevator buckets.Reduction of wastes due to the ‘wave effect’ a typical issue of standard loaders that causes the product to get out of the elevator buckets.

Constant production speed of downstream machines thanks to the even distribution of pasta in every single dose made by loader. Reduced maintenance of the machine and of the elevator on which it is coupled. The loader ADR200 allows a less abrupt discharge of pasta inside the buckets, thus reducing the probability of breaking the buckets almost completely. Mixer to mix and rotate the product 90°. Faster the product to get out from the elevator buckets.

  • Controlled by PLC
  • High discharge speed thanks to a special discharge system with rotor
  • Reduction of the settling time of pasta inside
  • Higher speed of the buckets
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Pneumatic Festo
  • Weight: 250 kg
  • Speed from elevator charge:200 kg/min
  • Pneumatic System requirements:40 NL/min with 6 bar
  • Power: 1 kw
  • Doses: up to 5 kg
  • European Safety Standard
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