Double Weigher (special) for long good pasta.

Continuous control of the average weight of the bag with an average error of +/- 1 gr Automatic calibration without intervention of operator, technology that allows to avoid error caused by operators during the manual fine dosing calibration. Double vibrators for bronze extruded shapes and/or hardly flowing shapes.

  • Number of weighing heads: 2
  • Weight range: from 100 to 1000 gr
  • Lenght of pasta 260 mm +/- 1:2 mm
  • Diameter of round shape shape pasta: 0,9 – 6 mm
  • Width of flat shape pasta (no festonati ridges) up to 5 mm thickness 1 mm
  • Standard deviation: 2
  • Average weight: 500 gr +/- 1 g
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