Single Weigher for long goods pasta

Principal of operation: gross dosage is achieved by a digital load cell to detect relative weight; subsequently the fine weight finish device are activated to reach the set weight. The gross dosage is self adjusting according to the measured weight, reducing the errors due to the variation in the volume of the dough. Second digital load cell for final weight control (gross and fine dosing) with consequent automatic adjustment of the finishing calibration. This allows to keep the average weight value constant over time.

  • The weighing unit is designed to automatically dose and dump into packaging machine the preset weighing of the long goods.
  • Pneumatic Festo
  • Single vertical chimney chute to feed product from upper bucket elevator to relative weighing unit
  • Stainless steel construction supported to the bucket elevator frame, complete with vibratory drive
  • Three product level probes (max, min, emergency)
  • Scrap collecting pan (painted carbon steel)
  • Gross dosing device by stepper motor
  • Fine dosing device driven by stepper motor
  • Load cell weighing of product with digital control
  • feedback signal to adjust pre dosing chamber and activate the fine dribble device for the addition of product to achieve the set weight
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